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South Island Tour



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Curiosity Within

Exploring The Deep Fabric Our Bones

1.5hr & 3hr Teaching Modules


Join us for an intimate inner journey of our deep fabric, our bones.

Professional trainings exploring the interconnected relationship of the deepest fabric in our body our bones.

These 1.5 and 3 hours training modules include, Anatomy Lectures, Movement, Meditation, Classical Yoga and Bone Yoga.

Exploring the 6 curves of the spine.

Including the vertebral bodies, the disc’s, joint facets, orientations, kinesiology, articulations, functions and their interconnectedness. 





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Bone Yoga

Retreat Day




Bone Yoga's primary focus is the skeletal system.

The slow, mindful engagement in Bone Yoga, allows the opportunity to feel and to adjust the way we move and to introduce clearer patterns of movement in the body.

The gentle somatic movements of Bone Yoga are all well within the easeful range of motion of our joints.

For many this will give a new dimension of safety and stability to yoga.

This has the potential to change old default physical and any associated emotional patterns.

Gentle - Kind - Restorative 








Bone Yoga Bodywork

1:1 Sessions

with founder 

Paul Cohen



Bone Yoga Bodywork uses skilled therapeutic touch to engage the whole person. The main focus is on releasing tensions held within our skeletal system, our bones, joints and ligaments.

The quality of touch used in Bone Yoga Bodywork is safe, respectful and adaptable.

Clients are fully clothed lying on a massage table.

Described as a transformational bodywork system Bone Yoga Bodywork helps to release old default patterns, emotional trauma and physical pain. We recognise that the body stores our emotions and by releasing the tensions on the physical level supports the letting go of associated emotional patterns.

It can help us become more present, with less tensions on all levels of body mind and spirit.

Bone Yoga Bodywork helps with embodying new easeful ways of being and is therefore incredibly empowering.






Bone Yoga Retreat Day 

Saturday 2 Nov 10-4pm


Bone Yoga 1:1 Sessions 

Sunday 3 Nov 



Bliss Yoga Studio Oamaru  

Bone Yoga - The Spine

Tuesday 5 Nov 6-9pm





No 5 George St Timaru

Bone Yoga - The Spine Thursday 7 Nov 6-9pm

                                             Bone Yoga Day Retreat Sunday 10 Nov 10-4pm




Flow Hot Yoga Christchurch

Bone Yoga - The Skeleton Friday 8 Nov 9.30-11am 

Bone Yoga -  The Spine

Saturday 9 Nov 8-9.30am



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