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Bone Yoga

Integrating Body, Movement and Breath with a Quiet Mind





About Paul


“The focus of my work now is to help people to find, for themselves, new ways to be present in the world with more ease. That’s it, simple really.”

The combination and the interplay of Bone Yoga and Bone Yoga Bodywork is taking Paul’s work to new exciting places. This exploration is deeply refreshing and offers the potential for endless creativity.

“I’m loving my work and my teaching more than ever. I’m constantly learning and I’m excited.”

In his late teens, Paul explored the world of improvised dance in workshops inspired by the work of Anna Halprin. He also delved deep into the Buddhist practice of Vipassana Meditation. 

In 1985 he qualified as a 5 Element Acupuncturist, in 1992 as a Zero Balancer and as teacher in 1996. 

He ran a multi-discipline practice in the UK for 15 years and immigrated to New Zealand in 2000.

After a illness in 2015 he committed himself to a regular daily practice of yoga. In 2016 Paul qualified as an advanced yoga teacher.

In 2017 he retired from Zero Balancing and founded Bone Yoga and Bone Yoga Bodywork.

He lives on Waiheke Island with his wife Loeci.

He has a twice daily practice of yoga and Qi Gong.




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Paul’s major activities

Licentiate of Acupuncture 1985, Bachelour of Acupuncture 1988, from the College of Traditional Five Element UK.  

Certified Zero Balancing practitioner 1992. Qualified Zero Balancing Teacher 1996

Founder of the Zero Balancing Association New Zealand/Australia 2000

Psychocalisthenics teacher late 1999’s

Advanced Yoga Teacher 2015

Last Advanced Zero Balancing Workshop in the UK, “The Interface of Zero Balancing and Yoga” 2017

Retired form Zero Balancing 2017

Founder Bone Yoga, Bone Yoga Bodywork 2017


Co organiser Worthing Alternative and Complementary Health Fair 1990’s

Organiser of South Coast Seminars, post grad Acupuncture studies 1990’s


Byron Spirit Fest 2016

NZ Spirit Fest 2018

NZ International Yoga Fest, 2018

NZ International Yoga Fest, 2019

NZ Spirit Festival, 2019

South Island Bone Yoga Tour Nov 2019

Hauora Conference NZ Nov 2019

Evolve Festival, Jan 2020 

Past Council Member of the TAS, The Traditional Acupuncture Society

Articles on Zero Balancing

Positive Healthy, Zero Balancing, Issue 30 July 1998

International Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Vol 14, No 9, Sept 1996 

Regular writer for a magazine in the UK, “The Alternative Doc Spot”


Presentation Zero Balancing at the Acupuncture NZ Annual Conference and AGM, June 2011

Presentation on Acupuncture and Zero Balancing at the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine, May 2016.


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