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Bone Yoga Bodywork

“Making the Profound Simple and the Simple Profound”


If you’re new to bodywork and the world of embodiment, BYB could be an amazing introduction into the field of touch and healing. 

BYB also offers an eclectic array of material and skills that can enhance and deepen already established practices. These include the wisdom and insights from Classical Yoga, Bone Yoga, Bone Yoga Bodywork, Qi Gong, Five Element Acupuncture, meridian work, meditation and breath work.

We will explore the range of motion of joints related to the facets of the joints, with a particular focus on the voluntary movement and the ligamental engagement.

With this as an inner embodied experience we all explore these engagement principles through touch. This can be done either on oneself or preferably with a partner.

BYB works with clear safe therapeutic boundaries of conscious touch. This on its own can be reparative, facilitating the letting go of old physical and emotional patterns of tensions and old traumas, giving support on all levels of body, mind and spirit.

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