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I attended a session with Paul at the Hauora Yoga Conference about touch. I was incredibly moved by both Paul's warmth and enthusiasm throughout his presentation AND his deep presence while delivering content in a digestible format. His years of experience combined a body experience with mind theory and emotional grounding in a masterful way. My sense is Paul has much, much more to offer and with his years of practice and experience he is a wise and engaging teacher to all levels of learning.


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I attended Bone Yoga with Paul at the Yoga Festival NZ and then again at NZ Spirit Festival 2019 and I found so much goodness in his teachings. So much to slow down and work on in my practice. Paul has such deep knowledge of the skeletal structure, and communicates this in a humourous and cleverly lighthearted way. His passion is in his teaching - and man, he's good :-) I followed up my NZ Spirit Fest workshop with a 1:1 session with Paul (with laughter yoga in the background!). It was such a great session. Paul really knows how to treat bodies. Fully recommend his signature way of teaching and healing. I look forward to the next one.

Renee Meiklejohn







‘Bone yoga?  I loved it!’

‘I did 1 hour of bone yoga each day and by day 4 my joints and body were moving with much more fluidity’  

‘In ZB we bring the client’s body to the blue line before applying a fulcrum to initiate change. In bone yoga I had the unique experience of bringing my own body to the blue line. I’ve always thought of myself as having good body awareness but bone yoga brought it to a whole new level.’  


And that’s just for starters! Ha ha

All the best with it Paul

With love and best wishes

Carole O'Shaughnessy




The Bone Yoga enabled me to be in-touch with each part of my body without over stretching or strain. Its  gentle somatic nature allowed a release of tension from my muscles and most noticeably from my hip joints.

Louise Grundy





Bone Yoga is a real treat to learn and practice. It is so mindful and comfortable on the body that it will suit everyone of any ability. Despite not doing much, nor stretching at all (which is a welcome and unusual approach in Yoga), I felt completely released and aligned each time after practicing. I particularly enjoyed the reset sequence, the slow asanas, and the meditations on our Inner Resource and Heart Felt Desire. It enhanced my appreciation of anatomy and Zero Balancing as well. Thank you Paul for bringing this to us.

Andy Kidd (teacher of Contact Yoga, Pranayama and Anapana meditation;  practitioner of Vinyasa, Astanga and Vinny Yoga, with 30 years' experience).


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For me the ZB workshop combined with Paul's bone yoga, was a real gift from heaven. I arrived seemingly with the weight of the world on my shoulders, carrying huge perceived challenges and stresses. From the moment I arrived, these challenges and stresses seemed to gradually neutralize with each ZB practice session and with each guided yoga practice. The bone yoga was incredibly relaxing and restorative. It allowed me to journey more deeply within and experience that at a deeper level, everything was and is okay. The ZB techniques we exploring and reviewed were as special and as unique as always and were like food for the soul. I'm so grateful to have been a part of the workshop and would highly recommend it to all ZBers.

Adam Gescheit



"It's like doing yoga from the inside out"

Pam Brettell



Many, many thanks, Paul, for all your wonderful feedback today!  I so much appreciate all your time and trouble; I’ve never had such amazing feedback before.  I’ve remembered about 16 points but I know I’ve forgotten some, especially around the neck because my brain was a bit on overload then.  But I’ll bring my list at the weekend and maybe you can remind me of what I’ve missed. 

I also appreciate all your encouragement which means a great deal to me, because it can be a struggle when one has physical limitations.  I’m so thankful to be part of our little ZB group because everybody is also very encouraging; they are all wonderful people.  And I’m grateful to have met you at last because I heard so much about you from the other group members.

Thanks so much, again!!!  See you in a few days, and in the meantime, enjoy beautiful Byron Bay!

Margaret Scheidler

(Private Zero Balancing feedback session)


I was lucky enough to experience an afternoon of Bone Yoga in Wellington at Urban Yoga

The subtlety of initiating movement from the bones is a fine and exquisite art, and I am looking forward to applying the Bone Yoga sequence in my own practice. Keen to learn more from Paul, as his teaching style bears witness to a practitioner who has been steeped in body work for decades.

Rayna Love, The Light Room, Kundalini Yoga



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