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ACUPUNCTURE  is an ancient system of healing, originally part of  the traditional medicine of China where it has been used for thousands of years to restore health and enhance well-being. The Chinese discovered that the conditions which led to the promotion of natural healing could be helped by stimulating the body at certain points within the surface tissues. One of the main values of Traditional Acupuncture comes from understanding a person's symptoms in the context of their whole being. Treatment aims to assist the conditions in which harmonious functioning restores itself and to nurture a strengthening of the person's general health.   
A Traditional Diagnosis requires highly developed sensitivity to read the six Chinese pulses on each wrist. The practitioner assesses the quality and condition of what the Chinese call "Qi" (pronounced Chee). Qi, or vital energy, travels through the body in twelve pathways known as meridians. Each meridian corresponds to one of our organs and functions, such as the kidneys, heart, stomach and so on, and has a pulse related to it, which informs the Acupuncturist of the condition of the energy within that meridian. In Chinese medicine it is held that any illness or symptom is associated with an imbalance of a person's Qi  energy.  By inserting very fine acupuncture needles into points which lie along the meridian, a proper balance and flow of Qi can be re-established.  
Qi can be summoned to the places that need it and dispersed from the areas where it is congested and causing a blockage. Often Qi is warmed and stimulated by a particular herb over an acupuncture point. This treatment is known as Moxabustion.  
Response to treatment varies from individual to individual. Along with improvements to the main complaint a person may notice that he or she sleeps better, feels more relaxed or feels more at ease. These are all positive signs of  a better energy balance. 
Some people quickly feel revitalised mentally or physically while other's scarcely notice any changes at all, only marking progress when they look back and consider how they used to be. Acupuncture can also be used as a preventative form of treatment. 
Often people find acupuncture extremely beneficial for conditions which have not responded to other forms of treatment, although many now come for acupuncture as a first choice. 


Five Element Acupuncture

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