"Zoom in Kindness"

Retreat Day

I've hooked up with some of the top inspirational teachers from around the world, sharing their knowledge, insights and inspiration.


Sunday 7 June 2020


1) Tim Franklin (UK)  -  Qi Gong


3) Tarah (AUS)  -  Yoga Back Care


Tim is a Qigong and Shaolin Kung Fu Master, Zero Balancer, Massage Therapist and Qigong Therapist. Tim is co-founder of “Fully Alive”, founder of A-Way. www.zenarts.co.uk 





5) Jasmin Dingemans (NZ)  -  Soma Yoga


Tarah is a Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer. She specialises in Partner Yoga, Kids Yoga, manages Rainbow Yoga. Tarah is a Senior Teacher Trainer for Rainbow Partner Yoga in the UK, Europe and New Zealand. Tarah is a purple belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and teaches Thai Yoga Massage, and so much more. She is passionate about her work. www.facebook.com/bjjyogini/





2) Kate Burford (UK)  -  Shiatsu and Do In


4) Haidee Stairmand (NZ)  -  Exploring the Fluid Body


Kate qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner for nearly 30 years. She teaches Self Shiatsu or Do In which includes tapping and stretching the meridians to improve the Qi flow, shaking, moving the joints, self acupressure. hara development work and acupressure.




Haidee specialises in working with injuries/limitations and physical or mental trauma. She is a certified iRest® Yoga Nidra Level One teacher.





6) Paul Cohen (NZ)  -  Bone Yoga


Jasmin has a diverse background in yoga with her primary focus in Classical Hatha & Tantra.

She lived, trained and taught for several years of immersion in Ashrams, Centres and Monasteries in India, Nepal, Canada and New Zealand. She is a Trustee Board Member with YEPT, Yoga Education in Prison Trust. She also works as a consultant in the areas of strategy, sustainability and ethics.





The combination and the interplay of Bone Yoga and Bone Yoga Bodywork is taking Paul’s work to new exciting places. This exploration is deeply refreshing and offers the potential for endless creativity. “I’m loving my work and my teaching more than ever. I’m constantly learning and I’m excited.”

Paul is the founder of Bone Yoga and Bone Yoga Bodywork and creator of "Zoom in Touch"


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