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Zoom Around the World in 24  Hours 

A Collaboration of Teachers From Around the world - 20 Teachers - 19 One Hour Back to Incredibly Rich Yoga, Breath, Movement  Classes - 15 Countries 

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                                                                                             My little intro video


Zoom Around the World in 24 Hours, is a collaboration of teachers from around the world, offering 19 classes of Yoga, Qi Gong, Embodied Movement, Meditation, from 15 different countries.

It’s a free offering. 

Starting in New Zealand at 9am on Sunday 2 August, and including countries such as Australia, Japan, China, South Africa, Holland, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, USA and Hawaii and ending up back in New Zealand at 9am Monday morning (3 August). 
Each class offering is an hour long, with a 15min break between each class. 
Pretty much all the classes will be in the morning local time (Sunday 2 August).

If you miss a class or you're unable to take a class, don't worry all the classes will be available here after the 2 August, for free.

Please join our FaceBook Group, "Around the World in 24 Hours" to find out more and connect with all the teachers. It's here you can ask questions.

Enjoy Embodying Ease.


To find out more about each teacher and their class 
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