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Bone Yoga Bodywork


Bone Yoga is a simple and insightful addition to the world of yoga. It focuses on the slow easeful functioning of our skeletal system. 

The Bone Yoga Sequence provides a daily practice for exploring and supporting smooth movement and releasing old patterns.











The principles of Bone Yoga are carried into the Bone Yoga Bodywork to support others with embodying new easeful ways of being.

Bone Yoga Bodywork uses skilled therapeutic touch to engage the whole person, offering a unique bodywork therapy interwoven with the benefits of Bone Yoga.

​The main focus of the work is on releasing tensions held within our skeletal system, our bones, joints and ligaments.

The quality of touch used in Bone Yoga Bodywork is safe, respectful and adaptable.

Clients are fully clothed lying on a massage table. 

Described as a transformational bodywork system Bone Yoga Bodywork helps to release old default patterns, emotional trauma and physical pain. We recognise that the body stores our emotions and by releasing the tensions on the physical level supports the letting go of associated emotional patterns.

It can help us become more present, with less tensions on all levels of body mind and spirit.

Bone Yoga Bodywork helps with embodying new easeful ways of being and is therefore incredibly empowering.

Clients report feeling:-

More at ease, in body and mind

More themselves as old body mind patterns are released

More able to cope

More empowered

More present and centred and grounded

For some it helps them to be more in their body and less in their heads

For many sessions are deeply relaxing and nourishing 

Clarity of mind and purpose

More knowledgeable and insightful



The touch used is specific to each client. The tone and pace of each session is determined by the therapeutic, emotional, physical and energetic needs for each client. 

Adapting to the personal needs of clients make Bone Yoga Bodywork infinitely adaptable. 


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