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Fees and Reciprocity based Gift Economy


Along side the standard fees, I am also offering Bone Yoga, Bone Yoga Bodywork, 1 on 1 sessions and Bone Yoga Bodywork therapy training workshops as part of a Reciprocity based Gift Economy.

This is our conscious act towards creating an economy based on relationships.

Each student decides for themselves the amount that feels right, clear and reflects their financial situation, as well as a feeling of value and gratitude. 

Applying the fundamental principle of a gift, the giver does not specify what the return, if any, shall be.


You may choose to pay the standard amount for work of this calibre, you may choose to pay more, less or even zero, or gift back something in return.

We trust in the generosity of participants to support us in developing a mutually beneficial reciprocating gift economy. 


Here’s a few things to take into consideration


  •     Your financial situation

  •     Your anticipated value 

  •     Similar  calibre offerings  on the market

  •     Something that for you represents a clear gesture of commitment

  •      Your desire to support our work and the exploration of Bone Yoga and Bone Yoga Bodywork  

  •      Something else that you’d like to offer based on reciprocity                                                                                         


We trust you to be fair with your judgement as to what represents a commitment on your part and respects your financial situation. 

If you discover that you didn’t pay enough or that you paid too much, you can adjust it at any time, to an amount that reflects your feelings of gratitude (or disappointment), and the desire to support us in the future.


Our vision is to work and share our knowledge and information with like minded  people. Embodying the principles of working together, with no limiting hierarchical, patriarchal, matriarchal or oligarchic positions.




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