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The Teachers and Their Classes
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Paul Cohen

New Zealand


1) Bone Yoga - 9am-10am - New Zealand

Paul will be offering a gentle somatic movement class, focusing on the easeful movement and engagement of the skeletal system.

We will explore both belly and thoracic breathing offering versatility of presence of the breath. 

Paul will share some of the Qi Gong exercises he uses daily in his own practice. All of which support ease of presence of mind, body and breath.

Bone Yoga can be used therapeutically on its own and in conjunction with other yoga and physical/energetic practices.

Bone Yoga can help to develop your relationship with your body mechanics and functioning, assist with postural alignment and help with ease of movement.

Bone Yoga is mindful, restful and restorative, and has been beautifully described as "Yoga from the inside out."

Bone Yoga as an exploration and an opportunity to discover our bone energy through working with the breath, mind and movement. Bone Yoga develops our relationship with our core self held in our bones.

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Dr Jane Hardcastle

New Zealand


2) Therapeutic Flow - 10.15am-11.15am - New Zealand

Therapeutic flow – experience the art of yoga therapy in a dynamic movement class.

We will explore spiral movement patterns in breath and easeful flowing movements that progress from subtle too integrated.

Yoga therapy is about finding and embodying ease, so when Paul got in touch to see if I could be part of this global embodying ease event there was no hesitation. When people experience ease in their movement they can truly breathe, move and be well – whatever they need, or like to do. Sharing this is my passion and I’m delighted to be part of this incredible event.


Dr Jane Hardcastle is a yoga therapist, co-owner and co-director of MoveWell – a therapeutic yoga, massage & functional movement centre in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Learning and development inspire Jane’s energy and commitment to practice and teach therapeutic yoga. Combining over 30 years of experience in health care and adult learning with a desire to help people move and be well, Jane helps students & clients learn how to do the things they want to do without the niggles or discomfort that can arise from habitual movement patterns that may not serve them well.

Zoom Around the World in 24 Hours
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Fiona Munro



3) The Healing Switch - 9.30am-10.30am AEST - Australia

The Healing Switch - Accessing our bodies ability to self correct

Finding enjoyable ways to feel better in our bodies.  Gentle movements, self massage & simple positions based on Osteopathic principles, yoga therapy, qi gong & dance will be used to address pain, tension patterns & musculoskeletal issues. 

The main focuses will be self care for backs, the sacroiliac joints & hips along with soothing & 're-setting' the nervous system.

Each body has different needs. There will be an emphasis on how to adjust the positions & movements, so they work best for each individual. During this process, people learn how to apply some of the principles & techniques of Ortho-Bionomy.  These can then be used during daily life for pain relief, maintenance and for catching niggles before they become well worn patterns. 

When I heard about 24 hour zoom around the world I instantly wanted to be part of it.  It's a unique experience in a unique time.  Now more than ever is a time to meet & share skills (globally!) that might help us traverse global challenges    


Fiona is an Ortho-Bionomy* practitioner.  

She’s been doing hands on therapeutic body work for decades & teaches self care techniques based on Osteopathic principles, yoga therapy (Eve Grzybowski & Donna Farhi).  

Other influences & experiences include Butoh (Min Tanaka’s Body Weather) Dance (incl Contact dance, Hawkins & Body Mind Centering) Ka Huna massage plus 15 years of Qi Gong & Mindfulness Meditation (Thai Forest & Mahasi) 

* developed in the 1970's by British Osteopath & Black Belt Judo Instructor, Arthur Lincoln Pauls.


4) Gentle Yoga - 10.45am-11.45am AEST- Australia

Gentle Yoga 

Unwind and return to your calm centre with this gentle yoga class. Feel the brilliance of your own body as you practice with fluid and meditative movement.


Tarah is excited to share her love of yoga with you during this amazing 24 hour yoga event. Connecting people around the world and moving through this time together.  



Tarah dedicates herself to the study, practice & teachings of yoga. Yoga Teacher & Coach for over 10 years. GM & Teacher Trainer of Rainbow Yoga. Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Teaches yoga events, online classes, privates and Yoga Teacher Trainings. 


Tarah Rocha


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5) Embodied Flow Yoga- 10am-11am AWST- Australia

Kali’s offers a journey style unfolding, firmly centred in the physical body. Weaving non-dual meditation, Embodied Flow Yoga and transformative bodywork into an hour of restful self expression.


Kali has followed a life thread of guidance, study and practice centred on embodiment of human-ness. Bushland and ocean loving finding home in the wellness hub of Yallingup/Margaret River Western Australia.

She is Waldorf teacher, 750hr Yoga alliance certified, Embodied Flow certified, Fly high inversion yoga certified, Ayurvedic therapist, Remedial massage, Reiki therapist and Pyscho-Somatic bodywork certified.


Kali Dixon


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Kate Megee



6) The Art of Rest - 12.15-1.15pm - Japan

Restorative Yoga

Join Kate for a 60 minute class that brings together Qi Gong, Acupressure and Restorative Yoga to help support your nervous system, turn off your stress response and initiate a deep state of rest that nourishes body, mind and soul. 


Props Required: 

1 x Bolster or 2-3 Pillows,   1 x Strap or Long scarf,    1 x Block or 2 Thick novels,

1 x Blanket or Thick towel,    1 x Chair



Kate’s passion is to help women love, accept and trust themselves so deeply that negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and fear never get in the way of what they want. She believes yoga is a powerful practice that supports our ability to quiet the mind and connect more deeply with and hear our true selves. 

Kate works as an Intuitive Coach, Akashic Record Reader & Yoga Teacher and guides her clients and students to understand the importance of deeply committing to the health of body, mind and soul to live a truly fulfilled and happy life.


7) Hañsa Flow- 12.30pm-1.30pm - China

A Therapeutic Practice of Hañsa Flow

We will investigate through the idea of three dimensional sensing the body’s interior and how through Hañsa “seed practices” reclaim functional developmental pattens of use to support health and longevity. The process is to encourage ones attention towards subtlety and act with greater sensitivity. The initial beginnings of the practice is to introduce the practitioner towards stability of mind and movement.

Our body orientation and spacial awareness is further explored through Hañsa therapeutic flow choreography, where movement and space are integrated within one logical pattern that enhances movement intelligence. 

Hañsa Flow practices are movement based meditations that bring out a deeper therapeutic effect to all our body systems from bio-mechanical, neurological and energetic


Cecilia started practicing yoga in 2003, and has been teaching since 2013.

She started following Vincent Bolletta since 2015 and became one of his earliest students in Hañsa therapy.

Cecilia has worked in Beijing’s main yoga studios and has been featured in TimeOut Magazine, Lululemon, Yoga Journal, and Keep Yoga for her teaching. Cecilia has taught therapy workshops for many companies such as Microsoft and Lenovo. She also created a project combining Yoga Therapy to Change Management to help individuals to grow. Cecilia is a translator and interpreter specialising in yoga therapy and has translated in many international conferences.

Cecilia is the main teacher of Hañsa China doing Fundamental Training and  Co-teaching with Vincent in Therapy trainings.

She is Manger of Hañsa China and Director of Hañsa Integrated Movement Centre


Cecilia Yunxi Li


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8) Somatic Exploration - 8.45am-9.45am - Saudi Arabia

Somatic exploration on ease. Gentle movement and somatic exploration through the body exploring ease and space within us. How ease and tension in our body reflects to our daily experiences and how we interact with others. 




Embodiment coach, movement facilitator, and embodied parenting educator. 


Manal Aldabbagh

Saudi Arabia

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Relinde Moors



9) Embodied Yoga  - 9am-10am - Holland

Naval Radiation

In this one hour practice, we'll discover Naval Radiation, a developmental pattern that we've all gone through in the womb. Connecting with this pattern, finding the rippling movement from the navel to the limbs helps find inner safety, inner knowing, and a deep connection to oneself. Once remembered, it will aid in any body-mind work or movement. 


When you change your perspective, even a movement you've done thousands of times can be a gateway to next-level connection to self.

After my professional dance education, I went deeper into somatic practices. Doing the embodiment work made my yoga practice much richer, and I love guiding others through these experiences. 



Relinde worked for 17 years as a professional contemporary dancer. On top of that, she's a certified Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga Teacher. She's taught mind, energy, and bodywork worldwide. She works with professional dancers, yoga teachers, and leaders who want to overcome inner limitations and reach the next level of embodying their best selves.

Rachel Portraits 2015-74 copy.jpg

Rachel Zinman

South Africa


10) Creative Vinyasa Flow - 10.15-11.15am - South Africa

Enjoy the ease of movement and breath infused with creativity in a simple nourishing vinyasa sequence.


Rachel has been practising since 1983, teaching since 1992 and teaching teachers since 2000. She’s studied with some of the most influential teachers in the west including Alan Finger and Mark Whitwell as well as immersing herself in the study of Vedanta. 

She is the Author of Yoga for Diabetes, How to Manage your Health with Yoga and Ayurveda. She writes for many online and in print magazines including Australian Yoga Journal and Australian Yoga Life.

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Tim Franklin &

Barry Smale



11) Chi Kung  - 10.30am-11.30am - England

Practicing Chi Kung helps promote a smooth flow of energy, resulting in good health, vitality and a greater sense of ease. One of the ways to achieve these things is to work with the absence of unnecessary tension and effort. The absence of anything really that interrupts that natural smooth flow. In this class we will share some important skills in using energy to help you experience embodying ease.


Sifu Tim Franklin and Sifu Barry Smale have been training in the Shaolin Arts for around 20 years, and worked as professional therapists for over 20 years. During this time they have both received continued and direct instruction from Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

As part of Fully Alive we are doing our part in helping create a healthier, happier and less harmful world. This can sometimes feel like an impossibly large task. But then we witness the positive impact the teachings have on so many lives, and the affect it has when that bounces on. What we train ourselves everyday, we pass on to others. This ripples out, touching the hearts and lives of many.

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Kate Burford



12) Easy Self Shiatsu  - 11.45am-12.45pm - England

During this hour we will encourage  Chi to move through our body with ease. We will create space for the Chi to flow by opening  meridians with tapping and movement, working our own acupoints and focusing on our breath. It will  be enjoyable, relaxed, accessible and effective. 



Kate has been practising Shiatsu for many years and has never grown bored of learning about the body, energy and healing. She has a lovely ease when working on peoples bodies and supporting them to find balance and ease through the systems of Oriental medicine. I have a deep love and respect for the natural world, really enjoy focusing on women’s health in my practice and am currently spending time exploring the potency of combining pure, fairly sourced Essential oils on the acu points of the body.

Bio Picture.JPG

13) Flowing Zen  - 1pm-2pm - Scotland


In this class you will experience:

How the state of playfulness returns us to our natural state of being in the heart.

Reconnecting the mind and body to be in the present moment.

Have an understanding of how we can apply to our practices and teaching


Through the arts of Qigong and Meditation we can start to clear our mind, body and energy systems so we can be in that natural state of consciousness that is flowing Zen. First we need reconnect and be inspired so we strengthen it with our awareness and intentions.

This is done through play- and this helps us to “remember” what it was like to be in our heart, energy and body as children.  This by passes all our conditioned learning from society and modern living that facilitate stress and cravings for comfort.  With this realisation we start to get a sense of the direction that we need to start our journey to return who we really are.



 Mark first started learning the arts in the Highlands of Scotland. From there his passion has taken him on a journey all over the world from the UK to China, Malaysia, USA, Thailand and Australia, where he lived and studied for extended periods of time.

Fortunate enough to learn under the guidance of the most widely distinguished as well as some less recognised teachers of qigong, meditation and martial arts.

His long standing interest in authentic Martial Arts as well as Chinese Medicine and his passion for health, resilience and mind-body connection led him to embark on a 35 year journey of exploration. He has studied and practiced healing and health systems- both ancient and modern. This ranges from Chines Medicine to a long established 19 year career as a Mental health Professional  

This has enabled him to see humanity at it greatest and worse and inspired the insight that we are so much more that we perceive.


He currently is not teaching publicly teaching.


Mark Appleford


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14) SomaticYoga  - 2.15pm-3.15pm - Ireland


Unwinding and Letting Go - A Somatic Movement  Practice MP3



‘If you can sense it and feel it, you can change it’   Thomas Hanna


Somatic Movement Education unites modern neuromuscular science with ancient yogic wisdom. It offers a safe, fast, efficient, and profound way to realign ourselves and release unconscious muscular contraction in preparation it for Yoga asana or any movement practice or training. This class explores, simple, easy exercises to help you switch off the auto-pilot button and release tension from your head to your toes. Experience the freedom, ease and spaciousness that Somatics offers. This could be love at first sight!



Lisa has been sharing the art of teaching Yoga and Somatics for two decades. She is internationally known for her integrity, clarity, and presence. Her style is personable and enriched by a deep understanding of anatomy, alignment and movement patterns. With a wealth of knowledge, her classes are innovative and authentic as she guides her students towards personal transformation on and off the mat. She is passionate about finding the balance between being and doing, movement and stillness, strength and fluidity, discipline and freedom. She creates a safe space to explore and unpack all the layers of the self –while offering a roadmap to our embodied intelligence.  Lisa has helped thousands of students move towards ease, curiosity and exploration in their practice and transformation in their lives.


Lisa has been unwell with Covid and unfortunately is not well enough to teach a live class. 

She so wanted to contribute to zooming around the world, and I'm so grateful and touched by her kind gesture of gifting this lovely somatic practice in an audio recording for us all to enjoy and benefit from.

Thank you so much Lisa for your gift.


Lisa Petersen



Insta: @livingyogalisapetersen

FB: @Livingsomaticyoga

You Tube Channel: Living Yoga

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15) Curiousit-ease  - 8.30am-9.30am - MT Utah - USA 

“Curiousit-ease” Dana offers an inquiry-based embodied movement class, starting with playful ease in the moment of movement, to discover what the bodymind has to say along the way!

Dana Levy is a certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), yoga teacher and teacher trainer, movement educator, and certified Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) teacher. She has taught yoga in the Iyengar tradition in Japan and the U.S since 2004, and has a background in modern dance (M.A. in Choreography and Performance) and martial arts (aikido nidan level, jodo shodan level). Dana integrates her 30+ years of experience in somatic and embodied practices into her teaching and therapeutic work.  
Dana teaches to the individual, allowing students to learn, to laugh, and to lead a life more embodied. 

Dana Levy


Facebook: Dana Levy Yoga

Instagram: DanaLevyYoga


Jane Gotch



16) Mixed Level Class  - 11.45am-12.45pm - Canada

The Gyrokinesis Method is a movement class that addresses the entire body, opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion, and creating functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences. Each exercise coordinates movement, breath and mental focus. Mixed level class. Appropriate for all movers.

I am thrilled to be a part of "Zoom Around the World in 24 hours". At this time, more than ever it is clear that we are all one people. Our health and well being depends on the health and well being of all of our neighbors. It is a pleasure to come together to celebrate how movement can unite and heal us.

Based in Toronto, ON, Jane Gotch is a GYROTONIC®  and GYROKINESIS® Certified Trainer, Pre-trainer, and Master Trainer Apprentice. She has been studying and teaching these methods since 2001. She taught in New York, California, Israel, and India. She continues to study with Juliu Horvath the creator of the GYROTONIC® method and many other Master Trainers. Jane is the owner and educational director for GYROTONIC® Kansas City Center and Resilient Body GYROTONIC® (in Toronto). She is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, holds a BFA in dance from University of the Arts, and has danced professionally in New York, Kansas City, and Toronto.

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Newman- Crutcher



17) Yoga  - 10-11am - USA

Amanda's class will focus on teaching alignment in standing poses, enlivening core muscles to artfully work on upright poses. This work will then translate our upright poses into inverted poses. The class will prepare for inversions, offering work to open the shoulders, align the spine, and strength the legs and arms. Each student will choose which stage of an inverted pose to work on, either sticking with preparation poses or going safely upside down to experience handstands, front arm balances, head stands and shoulder stands. The class will end with calming poses and deep relaxation.



Amanda teaches Yoga to bring you inside your body, understanding how to move with awareness to bring balance, strength and ease into you being. Classes are open to people at all levels of experience with Yoga and movement, inspiring both beginners and experienced students. Each session is mindfully planned to take students on a healing movement journey, warming up, exploring a themed sequence of Yoga poses, including preparing for and working on inverted poses, and closing with deep relaxation. In the tradition of Yoga, breathing, movement and mindfulness are woven into an invigorating experience, supporting health and longevity.

Screenshot 2020-07-25 09.06.00.png

Rebekah Harbour



18) Breathing to Thrive  - 8.15am-9.15am - Hawaii

 Explore a gentle yoga practice & pranayama (breathing techniques) to open up and strengthen your breathing.  Support your body to fully take in the breath and prana that allow you to thrive.  There is a lot of change taking place in the world right now. We could all use some super-charging deep breath.
Rebekah is a yoga teacher and Zero Balancing therapist on Maui, Hawaii.  She trained in the shivananda tradition in Kerala India. Over the 18 years she has been teaching yoga, her style has become more focused on accessing subtle energies with deep presence during practice.

FB: Rebekah Harbour

Insta: Rebekahharbour

Youtube Channel : Rebekah Harbour

Widespread Forward Bend, Neal Ghoshal, d

Neal Ghoshal

New Zealand


19)Inner Resource & Yoga Nidra 7.30-8.30am New Zealand

An Inner Resource is a place of deep well-being and ease. A safe haven within your body where you experience a feeling of security, calm and well-being. How and where might you feel this in your body? How might you cultivate an experience of this in your body? How may your Inner Resource support you in your life?


In our final hour of Zoom Around The World, we will explore and nourish our Inner Resource with Rest Yoga Nidra, a path of meditation and self-enquiry.


I am particularly drawn to offering this practice for Zoom Around The World. During the extraordinary times we are living in - having a sense of an Inner Resource can be so valuable to help us find some ground of support, resiliency and well-being. Zoom Around The World - a wonderful way to remember that wherever we are on earth, we are all deeply connected and we can support each other.



Neal has been practicing yoga for over twenty years and teaching since 2003. He sees yoga as a guide to restoring our place and understanding of who we are and how we can live peacefully, happily and completely fulfilled.

Neal’s teaching focuses on exploring and refining natural movement and alignment principles – learning to embody these principles in a way that takes our spiritual practice into our everyday lives.
“My aim in teaching is to create a safe and inviting space in which to learn and discover Yoga as a balance between effort and effortlessness, structural alignment and organic fluidity, mindfulness and spontaneity. I am interesting in growing students’ skill in sensing and feeling their way in their movement, so that they learn to fully trust in and be confident of their own perception, and make independent choices in their practice and their lives.”

“Ultimately, the practice of Yoga leads us to a place where we may respond to life’s challenges with ease in our breath and body, with wise choices, and with kindness and an open heart.”

He has taught on teacher training programs in Australia and New Zealand, has been senior faculty on Donna Farhi’s Advanced Teacher Training Program, and been a keynote speaker at the IYTA Conference. He is a founder member and part of the core faculty of the Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training program, based in Auckland, New Zealand. He is a certified Level 3 iRest Teacher.

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