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"Zoom in Touch"

Wisdom Talks

Covid 19 support and beyond

I'm hooking up with some of the top therapists and teachers from around the world.

The idea is to share insights and to offer tools to support as we all navigate through tough challenging times. They include movement instructors, dance, yoga teachers, breath worker, meditation teachers and healthcare practitioners.

The focus is on self help, self care wisdom as well as offering something that can be used to support our body, mind and spirit.


J Brown- Audio Only
00:00 / 1:28:45
Victoria Pomeroy - Audio Only
00:00 / 38:04
Lisa Petersen- Audio Only
00:00 / 1:23:32
Sandra Palmer - Audio Only
00:00 / 59:38

J Brown

I had a really lovely conversation with J. I described J as being the Yoga Podcast Supremo. His podcast's are top quality, informative and real. I spent much of last summer enjoying his informative conversations. We connected well on so many levels. J talks about his life as a yoga teacher and podcaster. We talk about the ever changing world of covid and the impact it's having on the yoga scene. He wears his heart on his sleeve, shares his own vulnerabilities, talks openly and has an easy to be with endearing nature.


1hr 21mins 30sec-1hr 26mins 25sec Focus/presence Meditation, and J share a lovely chant.



Sandra Palmer

I have a lovely chat with my friend and colleague Sandra Palmer. We talk about her knowledge of psychology how she integrates this with the principles of yoga. She works a lot with those who have suffered abuse, and focuses is on well being and wholeness. We also talk about language and Trauma- Sensitive Yoga. Sandra is a Registered Psychologist and 500-hour trained Yoga Teacher. She is also a certified iRest® trainer. Sandra is in private practice and the owner of Integrative Therapy. She lives with one foot in Auckland and one foot in Waipu, enjoying the variety of work and play both areas offer. She was drawn to yoga by the calmness and clarity it provided her and is curious about the interface of yoga and psychology to support well-being. She is on a lifelong journey to lead a slower, less stressed, more embodied and mindful life fuelled by her practices. She focuses on teaching slow yoga practices which support healing and awareness of self.


49.30mins A lovely 3 part resource meditation.


Lisa Petersen

I had a delightful connection with Lisa Petersen. Lisa communicates her passion of teaching teachers. She acknowledges her teachers who continue to inspire her, including Donna Farhi, Bonnie Brainbridge Cohen, Amy Matthews, as well as Hanna Semantics. She shares her experience of having Covid and how it continues to impact on her life and shares a Cellular Breathing work that she continues to use during her convalesce. 


57min 30sec - 1hr 22mins 30sec Cellular Breathing.



Victoria Pomeroy

Victoria is the forever student. She found her passion for yoga some years ago after initially seeking to heal her broken body from major historic injuries. She is co owner and teacher at Flow Hot Yoga in Christchurch. We talk about lockdown, reopening and her long term plans developing a purpose built yoga studio and teaching facility. We met last year when I taught a couple of classes at Flow Hot Yoga, as part of my Bone Yoga South Island. Connecting with Victoria was one of the highlights of my trip down south.


57min 30sec - 1hr 22mins 30sec Cellular Breathing.

Allison Davies - Audio Only
00:00 / 1:03:37
Jasmin Dingemans - Audio Only
00:00 / 51:21
Amy Matthews - Audio Only
00:00 / 1:14:01

Amy Matthews

Amy Matthews has been teaching movement since 1994. She is a Body-Mind Centering® Teacher, a Certified Laban Movement Analyst, an Infant Developmental Movement Educator, and a movement therapist and yoga teacher based in NYC.

Amy is co author with Leslie Kaminoff, of the best selling yoga book, "Yoga Anatomy". 


Amy shares story's of her fascinating and rich history in the field of movement, and her major influences. 

1 hour into the video Amy shares a lovely embodied exercise, The Relational Cycle, that explores the fundamental patterns of yield, push, pull and reach. 


Jasmin Dingemans

Yoga in Prisons.

We had a real lovely chat. Jasmin shares her passion and insights of offering yoga in prisons, and her experience during the 2020 Covid 19 lockdown.

Jasmin has a diverse background in yoga with her primary focus in Classical Hatha & Tantra. 

She lived, trained and taught for several years of immersion in Ashrams, Centres and Monasteries in India, Nepal, Canada and New Zealand. She is a Trustee Board Member with YEPT, Yoga Education in Prison Trust. She also works as a consultant in the areas of strategy, sustainability and ethics.


17mins Jasmin talks more in-depth about yoga in prisons.

38mins Gentle Breath Awareness Practice (facebook)


Allison Davies

Brains=Behaviours and singing.

Allison runs a private music therapy practice in both clinical and community settings in the areas of early childhood intervention, special educational needs, autism spectrum disorder, juvenile detention, youth engagement, mental health, aged care, palliative care, dementia care, perinatal care and speech-rehabilitation.


We had a lovely chat about the emotional and therapeutic benefits of using our voices. She had over 12 million hits on her fb video singing "every little cell in my body is happy".........


She shared her 12 Pillars of Brain Care, a way of giving our brain more of what helps it run and less of what shuts it down.

Theresa Silow - Audio Only
00:00 / 49:55

Theresa Silow

Theresa Silow, is Professor and Core Faculty (former Chair) in the Somatic Psychology Program at California Institute of Integral Studies. We met last year at the Embodied Consciousness Immersion. We talked about how we respond to crises both as an introvert and extrovert.

14.30 mins Theresa shared this in a beautiful somatic exercise, that explored the front and the back of the body. She spoke about front and back being the earliest definition that we have as human organism develop.


Rae Johnson

Works at the intersection of somatic studies and social justice.Key themes in their work include the embodied experience of oppression, somatic approaches to research.

20 mins Role Play to support navigating relationships

Rae Johnson - Audio Only
00:00 / 43:23
Kate Burford - Audio Only
00:00 / 37:00
Richard Walters - Audio Only
00:00 / 31:11

Kate Burford

Is a Shiatsu practitioner and teacher. she is currently involved with are Pregnancy and Childbirth and the connections between Shiatsu and Yoga.

13 mins Lung tapping and meridian stretching

27 mins Grounding Qi Gong











Richard Walters

Is an acupuncturist, Zero Balancer, Zero Balancing teacher and Identity Therapist.


15 min Earth Star Meditation

21 mins Massage Lung 1









Tim Franklin - Audio Only
00:00 / 33:34
Rachel Zinman- Audio Only
00:00 / 40:22
David Laurterstein - Audio Only
00:00 / 07:05

David Lauterstein 

Co-Director TLC, one of the most highly respected international educators in the massage therapy realm, Zero Balancer and Zero Balancing teacher and author.


6 mins (Pt 2)

Grounding and acceptance meditation


















Rachel Zinman

Has been practicing yoga since 9183 and teaching since 1992. She is a writer and author of Yoga For Diabetes.


21 mins

Simple Movement

31 mins

Gratitude Meditation ​














Tim Franklin

Is a Qigong and Shaolin Kung Fu Master, Zero Balancer, Massage Therapist and Qigong Therapist. Tim is co-founder of “Fully Alive”, founder of A-Way.

12 mins

Qi Gong standing.













David Lauterstein - Audio Only
00:00 / 14:20
Taane Mete - Audio Only
00:00 / 20:42

Taane Mete

Yoga teacher, Kahuna massage therapist, passionate dancer who draws much of his inspiration from his native Maori culture. Based in Auckland, New Zealand.

8mins 16sec

Meditation, listening to the texture of the breath………utilising this breath…..your capacity for creativity…..simple tools.




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