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Bone Yoga Weekly Classes

Paul's home studio combined with Zoom


Tuesday Mornings 8am-9am

Tuesday Evenings 7pm-8.30pm

Sunday Mornings 8am-9.30am





Bone Yoga weekly classes are open to everyone whatever your ability and flexibility. 

The engagement of the yoga asana’s and the movements that make up Bone Yoga, focuses on the ligamental/fascia and tissues of the body. Bone Yoga also looks at the way our body moves in relation to the way our joints are designed to move. It is gentle in its application and movements do not extend deep into the range of motion of our joints, as in seeking that big stretchy feeling. The movements are combined with breath and minds focus.

Breath work includes the focus on the cavities of the body in relationship to atmospheric pressure, and how we can shape shift to allow breath to naturally come in, as well as working with the movement of our spine/breath in relationship to the held in tension forces that are part of the natural dynamics of the spinal column. 

The Bone Yoga Sequence provides a daily practice for exploring and supporting smooth movement and releasing old patterns.

Particular attention is placed on the engagement of the ligaments as we move our joints. This helps us become more present, more relaxed, and supports the release of physical and emotional tensions.


Bone Yoga is gentle, restorative and intriguing for beginners as well as those who have been practicing for years and will enhance your yoga practice.

"I like to think of Bone Yoga as an exploration and an opportunity of discovery."

Making the Profound Simple and the Simple Profound.


Bone Yoga

"Yoga from the inside out"


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