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"Zoom in Touch"

Wisdom Talks

Covid 19 support and beyond

I've hooked up with some of the top therapists and teachers from around the world to share their insights and to give us tools to support ourselves as we all navigate through tough challenging times. They include movement instructors, dance, yoga teachers, breath worker, meditation teachers and healthcare practitioners.

The focus is on self help, set care wisdom. Everyone will be offering something that you can use to support your body, mind and spirit.








Paul Cohen

My (slightly solemn) Intro Video










Taane Mate

Thank you Taane for your beautiful sharing and your guided mediation










David Lauterstein 

Thank you David for you words of wisdom,  and sharing a simple to do meditation and reflection.


Video's Part 1 & Part 2 













Rachel Zinman

Thank you Rachel for sharing your skills and knowledge about yoga and diabetes, and sharing and your simple movements, and two lovely guided mediations, including a gratitude meditation











Tim Franklin

Thank you Tim for sharing your wisdom. Your Qi Gong was really helpful, smiling from the heart, and lifting the sky, two of my favourite.












Richard Walters

Thank you Richard.













Kate Burford

Thank you Kate.