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How is Bone Yoga Bodywork different from Zero Balancing?

I wrote this in response to a Zero Balancing practitioners question.

Thanks for your question, How is Bone Yoga Bodywork different from ZB?

Here goes…………..

I developed Bone Yoga originally so that as ZB’ers we could give as close as possible ourselves a ZB yoga session.

The engagement of the yoga asana’s and the movements that make up Bone Yoga, focuses on the ligamental/fascia and tissues of the body. Bone Yoga also looks at the way our body moves in relation to the way our joints are designed to move. It is gentle in its application and movements do not extend deep into the range of motion of our joints, as in seeking that big stretchy feeling. The movements are combined with breath and minds focus. Breath work includes the focus on the cavities of the body in relationship to atmospheric pressure, and how we can shape shift to allow breath to naturally come in, as well as working with the movement of our spine/breath in relationship to the held in tension forces that are part of the natural dynamics of the spinal column. Plus other useful breath patterns.

Bone Yoga Bodywork mimics many aspect of Bone Yoga. Instead of you doing the movements in a yoga session, they are being done to you. This does require us as the receivers to get out of the way, so there is a degree of participatory involvement in the letting go, and also enables the practitioners to take the client deeper into the range of movement of the joint.

The movements are slow, engaging and mind focused.

Many of the universal principles of touch that ZB and other bodyworkers use are part of Bone Yoga Bodywork.

As I’m sure you appreciate the influence that ZB has on me and my work, it was my passion for over two decades.

The terminology I use and the principles of engagement are related more to yogic principles.

This has in many ways simplified touch engagement, and has opened up for me many more doors of exploration.

Although I teach a protocol, I’m really keen that students don’t stay with it too rigid or having it be restricted. This focuses on the clients needs and not the technique or protocol. There is a wonderful sense of freedom exploration, this is really important to me and that BYB students really appreciate.

Bone Yoga Bodywork uses, compression fulcrums, compression and release fulcrums, traction vectors, techniques that move the body to help engage the skeleton and fascia.

In BYB we talk about the yoga principles of Sthira and Sukha and we explore the standing. Basically firmness and softness.

There are two parts to the BYB workshop. Learning Bone Yoga as well as learning Bone Yoga Bodywork.

Students will develop the internal awareness skills of BY and will be able apply these skills in their lives and with their clients.

So the workshop includes some fascinating yoga based anatomy, some really cool breath work, some simple Qi Gong work and learning a number of skilled ways of touching that has infinite possible applications, and the Bone Yoga sequence, that works on and engages all the joints in the body.

Could BYB used as a stand alone? Yes. Can BYB be used in conjunction with other therapies? Yes definitely.

Will ZB’ers learn something different and of value? Yes absolutely, they have already.

Part of my ethos is supporting students/clients with tools, things to practice at home. It’s important that we all take on the responsibility for our health. Bone Yoga is ideal for this, the breath work is crucial, and the Qi Gong is supportive on so many levels.

I teach principles of standing and support clients to focus on new ways of being upright, with ease.

Breath work. I believe there is a lot of truth in the saying, “If you want to change the YOU, change the breath”, and that “all our patterns are held in our breath”. We look in detail at the whole dynamics of breathing and learn a number of ways to explore breath and air intake.

I think that’s it in a nutshell, I hope this is a helpful overview for you.

Please feel free to contact me if you feel the need.

I’ve attached a couple of flyers for you.

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